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  1. Fopo

    SS OU Double Specs Ghost Spam feat. Blacephalon+Dragapult

    Ghost is a pretty incredible offensive type this gen, and I've always liked using Blacephalon and Dragapult. Thus, I decided to build a team around spamming ghost moves. As for the team itself, here's my basic thought process: Dragapult and Blacephalon are self explanatory. Ferrothorn pairs...
  2. Fopo

    SS OU Wasteland - Hex Dragapult Balance

    Intro Welcome to my first RMT! This team is all about weakening the opposing team with status and chip and proceeding to sweep with Dragapult or Rillaboom. I've had decent success with this team, climbing to around 1500. The team features two cleaners, Rillaboom and Dragapult, paired with the...