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  1. Swagodile

    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    Considering that they said they originally weren't even going to SHOW the battles not featuring Ash in an interview with writer Tomioka, that would be mean Ash VS Steven would be the only on-screen battle, and the rest of the battles would be off-screen shown only as still sketches. The...
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    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution Rarely Used | Closure

    :swsh/persian::swsh/persian-alola: DNA Donors: Persian / Persian-Alola Fusion Name: Persian-Prime New Types: Base Stats: 65 / 85 / 60 / 90 / 65 / 115 [BST: 480] (+0 HP / +20 Atk / +0 Def / +20 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe) New Ability: = (Technician + Technician) Ability Description: Combined effect...
  3. Swagodile

    Pet Mod JolteMons (Playtesting Phase - PMPL Hiatus)

    Flintspoke (SV) Jaw Lock (G-Luke) Magma Armor (SV) Wandering Spirit (earl) Pillow (Ema Skye) Power Herb Dodrio (Beaf Cultist) Magmortar/Electivire (Yoshiblaze) Archeops (earl) Zarude/Zarude-Dada (Z-nogyroP)
  4. Swagodile

    Pet Mod JolteMons (Playtesting Phase - PMPL Hiatus)

    :swsh/sawsbuck: :swsh/sawsbuck-summer: :swsh/sawsbuck-autumn: :swsh/sawsbuck-winter: Name: Sawsbuck-Spring | Sawsbuck-Summer | Sawsbuck-Autumn | Sawsbuck-Winter Type: Normal/Grass | Fire/Grass | Ghost/Grass | Ice/Grass Abilities: Flower Veil, Sap Sipper, Serene Grace (Spring) | Chlorophyll, Sap...
  5. Swagodile

    Pet Mod Paleomons - Slate 13 - Ancient Souvenir Store (Claydol, Aegislash, Dhelmise) - Submission Phase

    Typing: Rock/Water Abilities: Swift Swim/Tough Claws (replaces Battle Armor)/Weak Armor Stats: Unchanged New Moves (if any): Accelerock Removed Moves (if any): ??? Role: Physical attacker, rain sweeper Typing: Rock/Water Abilities: Swift Solid/Solid Rock/Weak Armor Stats: Unchanged New...
  6. Swagodile

    Pet Mod Multiverse [Finished - Playtesting Phase]

    :sm/tauros: Pokémon: Tauros Niche: RBY OU Stats: 75/100/95/70/70/110 Type: Abilities: Intimidate, Anger Point, Sheer Force New Moves: Removed Moves: Descriptions: Tauros gets its Gen 1 Special Attack stat back. :sm/alakazam: Pokémon: Alakazam Niche: GSC or RSE OU Stats: Unchanged Type...
  7. Swagodile

    Pet Mod JolteMons (Playtesting Phase - PMPL Hiatus)

    :sm/volcanion: Name: Volcanion Type: Fire/Water Abilities: Water Absorb / Steam Engine New Moves: Removed Moves: Justification: Steam is the entire theme of this Pokemon, and Steam Engine gives it another potential playstyle. :swsh/stunfisk::swsh/stunfisk-galar: Name: Stunfisk / Stunfisk-Galar...
  8. Swagodile

    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution Rarely Used | Closure

    :swsh/sirfetchd: :swsh/decidueye: DNA Donors: Sirfetch'd / Decidueye Fusion Name: Sircidueye New Types: Base Stats: 70 / 121 / 85 / 84 / 91 / 67 [BST: 518] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe) New Ability: Fearless Archer = (Scrappy + Long Reach) Ability Description: Combined...
  9. Swagodile

    OMotM Nominations Archive

    Cross Evolution
  10. Swagodile

    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution Rarely Used | Closure

    Fusion: Zeraora/ Sirfetch'd Type: Stat Distribution: 68 HP / 129 Attack / 81 Defense / 81 Special Attack / 83 Special Defense / 80 Speed Ability: Volt Absorb + Scrappy = Zappy (The Pokemon can hit Ground-type Pokemon with Electric-type moves) Notable Moves: : Plasma Fists, Close Combat, Knock...
  11. Swagodile

    DLC2 Crown Tundra Speculation Thread [SPOILERS]

    I'd replace HJK with Close Combat on Blaziken, that's a godsend because you no longer have to worry about it missing and taking recoil damage
  12. Swagodile

    Metagame Cross Evolution

    It's intentional. Meltan can only evolve in Pokemon GO, thus it and Melmetal are both coded as single-stage Pokemon in Sword & Shield, which is also why Meltan can't use Eviolite.
  13. Swagodile

    Metagame SWSH RU Alpha - Metagame Thread

    Another option is Throat Spray + Snarl over Grass Knot.
  14. Swagodile

    Pokémon Mr. Rime

    You might as well just use Eviolite Galarian Mr. Mime instead. It's bulkier and faster. The thing that gives Mr. Rime an edge over Mime is the fact that it gets Slack Off, but Assault Vest takes that away.
  15. Swagodile

    Pokémon Galarian Rapidash

    You don't need Horn Leech, it has Morning Sun.
  16. Swagodile

    Pokémon Toxtricity

    I'd recommend adding Throat Spray as an item option for Shift Gear sets. It's the only way it can boost its Special Attack.
  17. Swagodile

    Metagame Mergemons

    Can confirm, I used the Hitmonlee set you posted. They're allowed to use Shell Smash via Sketch.
  18. Swagodile

    Metagame Mergemons

    SHell SMash can only be used by its original users
  19. Swagodile

    Metagame Inheritance

    Electivire's set is illegal
  20. Swagodile

    Metagame NP: USUM Stage 6: Flowers (Lilligant banned) Cryogonal moved from NU to PU That's it.