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  1. talisheo

    [7th Gen] Destiny Knot giveaway :)

    MODS PLEASE KEEP THIS OPEN :) I don't know what gamefreak was thinking when they made the destiny knot a pain to get, it took me 800+ encounters with pick up alolan meowth to get one. But now that I can clone, I figured I might as well help everyone out who doesn't want to suffer the pain of...
  2. talisheo

    Long Claws, Red Quills(over)

    You know when you are like, breeding and like, sometimes you get a shiny pokemon from that? Well that happened to me. Except it happened to be a perfect shiny, that just so happened to have its HA as well. So I figured I might as well share my fortune and I can thanks to mostthe3rd [cloned for...