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  1. Totodile_ShyGuy

    Your Evil Team

    What if you had to come up with your own villainous team? What would they be based on? Would they have a type specialty? What would they be after? Well, if you are willing to discuss what your “evil“ team is, then post it here! I’d love to see what people’s ideas for a villainous team are. I...
  2. Totodile_ShyGuy

    Tony’s Sprite Art!

    A sequel to Randomized Recolors, a discontinued thread. Welcome one, and welcome all to... Tony’s Sprite Art! In this thread I’ll be making people sprite art on their behalf. I have six different art styles. 1. Recolored Trainer 2. Recolored Pokémon 3. Trainer + Pokémon 4. Recolored Trainer +...
  3. Totodile_ShyGuy

    (DISCONTINUED) Randomized Recolors!

    Welcome to Randomized Recolors! In this thread, I’ll be recoloring Pokémon at random! For example, here are the regular sprites for Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Here are their randomized sprites! I decided to do this because I have a lot of free time and have nothing better to do...