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  1. Quarkz

    Pikachu Cup: Game Freak's Shocking Tournament Metagame!

    Pikachu Cup begins tomorrow, and Theorymon is here to inform you of everything you need to know in order to take part in this competition. As always, thanks to all the people involved, this was a massive article to put together but you all got there in the end. Hopefully you learn something...
  2. Quarkz

    OU Spotlight: Mega Manectric

    Hey everyone, As promised we have another article this week. We're back to our roots with a spotlight of Mega Manectric in OU. You guys said you really enjoyed all the spotlights in the last issue of The Smog and we'd love to hear what you all feel about this one! Feel free to leave a message...
  3. Quarkz

    Issue #42 Released!

    Issue #42 Another issue is upon us, and that means that our contributors have been hard at work putting together more great content to enjoy. This time our cover art comes from Sephirona. Be sure to say thanks, and after you've read everything come back to give us your thoughts on the issue...