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  1. Useless Uses

    I pet cat.

    I have petted this cat who is not a cat for 1 whole day. Tune in for when I pet this cat who is not a cat for 1 whole week.
  2. Useless Uses

    NU Raticate [0/2 QC]

    [OVERVIEW] Raticate has a terrifying niche in the form of Super Fang, giving it great wall-breaking potential. Cutting a bulky Pokemon's health in half makes it easier for Charizard, Kingler, and other sweepers to do their job. Base 97 Speed gives Raticate the 2nd highest speed in the tier...
  3. Useless Uses

    Gen 1 Charizard (OU) Mini [2/2 QC] [0/1 GP]

    Charizard is completely unviable in RBY OU, being outclassed by fellow Fire / Flying-type Pokemon, Moltres, which outclasses it in almost every way. Moltres packs a higher Special stat and Agility, making it a more powerful threat better suited or the OU metagame. Charizard finds itself...
  4. Useless Uses

    Gen 1 Electrode (Ubers) [QC 1/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Electrode has an inconsistent yet dangerous niche in RBY Ubers. As the only pokemon that can outspeed the omnipresent Mewtwo, Electrode can switch in on an unboosted or currently boosting Mewtwo and get off a guaranteed Thunder Wave, crippling Mewtwo for the rest of the game before...