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  1. Menshay

     You're Not My Type

  2. Menshay

    L'arte di Pissog

    C'è un contesto, o non aiuterebbe?
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    Puffle Cult

  4. Menshay

     Picture Telephone Megathread

    I guess Shroomish makes for a somewhat passable substitute for a bowl of petunias.
  5. Menshay

     battle free for all #2

    How can be an incarnation of volcanoes be so weak to ground? Pathetic.
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     Pokémon Fusions

    I was positive I had posted but it seems I have missed the Post reply button.
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    Share the Art of Dall-E Mini!

    As for a source of potentially interesting prompts, I present Nested, a project by the author of the (in)famous Cookie Clicker, which attempts to randomly generate a universe with potentially infinite drilldown capabilities. In particular, museums (which can be found by looking for cities) tend...
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    CAP 31 Prevo - Part 1 - Typing Poll

  9. Menshay

     You're Not My Type

    They work now.
  10. Menshay

     You're Not My Type

    Again, none of these but mine show up. Were they provided as attachments to the private conversations? There might be some kind of permission issue because of which they appear only to the participants (mine is hosted on Imgur). Note that the ones I reported in the fusion thread are still...
  11. Menshay

    Share the Art of Dall-E Mini!

    Considering the vague similarity between these and actual old-style illustrations it does seem to know something about literature, or at least what is expected as illustration of it. I tried some examples: Figure 1: Fragment from Ozymandias. It seems to know it was inspired by Egyptian...
  12. Menshay

    Share the Art of Dall-E Mini!

    Popularity which implies availability of materials, maybe. Some I guess are well known and yield viable results, even with somewhat altered prompts. This is not universal, however: Others it maybe sometimes gets (lower left) but not consistently (notably, just "Masquerain" yielded just...
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    CAP 31 - Part 11 - Sprite Poll

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    Share the Art of Dall-E Mini!

    Other times it does this.
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    Share the Art of Dall-E Mini!

    Regardless of the stupid jokes it seems to actually get art styles.
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    Share the Art of Dall-E Mini!

    When in doubt, just add Junji Ito.
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    CAP 31 - Part 11 - Sprite Submissions

    Considering perspective front hump seems to be a bit low when compared to the back hump.
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     You're Not My Type

  19. Menshay

     Pokémon Fusions

    Monomite's and Gaboswampert's don't seem to load.