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  1. Cshadow

    Ice, Ice, Baby - Hail Discussion

    (no hail discussion yet?) Hail has been left in the dust this generation, unfortunately. No boosts, no new Snow Warning users, but the other weathers seem to have been spoiled rotten in comparison. Both sun and rain can now boast, as Droughtails and Drizzletoad, a godsend, have been given to...
  2. Cshadow

    In The Colosseum [OU]

    *possibilities sections are only assuming it does not get replaced In The Colosseum [OU] Hey guys. Introductions are always the hardest (why is the size two text so unattractive?), but I’ll do my best to explain my team as thoroughly as possible, as well as include possible...
  3. Cshadow

    Pokemon UU RMT, number 2 (I have a few problems I think)

    Hey again, I've been using shoddy to test out a new UU team, and while a great improvement from my last one( many thanks to the few people that had helped me), I still seem to be suffering some minor issues, which will be explained below...
  4. Cshadow

    Cshad's art thread - New thing(s)!!!!

    This is gonna be my art thread for a while. I don't do fusions, or edits, or recolors. Ive been doing customs for the past two years or so, and its pretty much going to stay that way. Some new-ish stuff I made about a week ago. The first row is a sprite of Skarmory in the GSC style The...
  5. Cshadow

    New to the very specifics of Pokemon, UU team rate

    Hiya, Ive been visiting the Shoddy battle sever for the past few days trying to iron out a few kinks in my team. Some pokemon may need to be replaced, and Ive never been that good with movesets, but i've tried this team out quite a few times, and tried movesets that are different than the ones...