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  1. Korean Translation Project

    I am not sure if this is something Smogon is looking for at the moment, but I do believe this will be an interesting project. I am also fluent in Korean so I thought I might be able to help.
  2. RMT: Spinning Propeller

    Hey, guys. This is my first RMT thread and it is pretty much my first non-stall team. I decided to go quite offensively (well I tried) this time. Please give me advice/help/comments if you can and I don't mind the harsh criticism as long as it is not meant to be offensive. Thanks again...
  3. Which team would Dragonite > Salamence?

    What type of team would dragonite work more effectively than salamence in? I was thinking a stall team with light-screen user as a support for mixmence (or maybe a dual screen poke like Cresselia). Wouldn't that be better than MixMence? I heard it somewhere that mixnite would work extremely...