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  1. National Dex THE WAY THINGS GOING

    Really good team. I was sceptical at first but when I used this team in Semi-Finals it really pull its weight and I like how many ways out it has against dangerous pokemon like the Mega Gyarados which got burned by the Volcarona sack and allowing Gastrodon to spam clear smog against it. Really...
  2. Smogon Champions League II - Player Signups

    Player Name: Lord Sagis Tiers Played: SS Ubers Timezone: GMT+1 PS! Username: Sagisolar
  3. Tournament National Dex Invitational - Round 2

    ChrisPBacon vs crying - Depends on if crying cares about this tour when shes got Slam finals to do. peap  vs  Kyo - I like peap's building more and hes generally good at executing them. ( ez  vs baconeatinassassin ) vs  Ryuji-Sempai - I think the winner the R1 will take this since I haven't...
  4. ye

  5. GMT+1 Saturday 22:00 my time?

    GMT+1 Saturday 22:00 my time?
  6. I'm on smogtours

    I'm on smogtours
  7. Project The Top 10 Titans of the Gen 8 OU Metagame

    Correction: The starters got there abilities slightly before DLC 1.
  8. sure

  9. Tournament National Dex Invitational - Round 1

    rooting for my boyss astralydia Isza ez
  10. I don't want to add you. I'm GMT+1 Could we play Saturday at 21:00 my time?

    I don't want to add you. I'm GMT+1 Could we play Saturday at 21:00 my time?
  11. RBY Cup VIII - Round 1

    won GGs
  12. I'll be on smogtours

    I'll be on smogtours
  13. Tournaments BW PL II - Player Signups

    in Ubers / OU / UU
  14. National Dex National Dex Ladder Tournament III Playoffs - Quarterfinals

    [3] ChrisPBacon vs baconeatinassassin [22] The best match up possible :))))))))))))))))))
  15. :ss/omastar: