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  1. thx guh (A)

    thx guh (A)
  2. :)

  3. the rodan is a fat fuck thread

    i heard drinking the blood of raccoons speeds your metabolism up tenfold
  4. wow it's been half a decade

  5. Red Panda Mafia - Game Over! - <LightWolf> I want on girl

    how can you even sleep at night rly
  6. Find out your favorite pokemon!

    these onesssss yeah
  7. NSFW: Anime Parodies

    yeah that's what will happen
  8. KPOP

    miss a are FLAWFREE also omg... screaming drowning perfs out is the worst
  9. KPOP

    yeah, + it was for marketing purposes to get ready for their international/american/whatever debut... not optimistic about their chances in the states esp. after hearing the english teaser for the boys but we'll see.
  10. Marijuana Legality/Morality Discussion Thread

    a diligent user endorsing sobriety also acting as a reminder as to why substance abuse during pregnancy is bad
  11. KPOP

    basically, brown eyed girls (courtesy of jumpluff)
  12. KPOP

    this is actually true.. we made several attempts at it the other day and couldn't quite get it right :x oh t-ara i love you also next week: apparently the title track will be both english and korean!! i don't mind tho since SNSD have better english than other groups
  13. KPOP

    that would happen to be the gorgeous rainbow that move they're doing is the 'ab dance' and it was banned in korea for being too provocative thankfully they brought it back for the japanese release woori the rapper is fierce <3
  14. KPOP

  15. KPOP

    yeah =( no one's putting kpop idols on a big pedestal hahaha, i just find the market/image/sound preferable to what's being put out in western pop atm (tons of club collaborations with no chorus, just a bass climax/breakdown and Pitbull spouting shit randomly in like half of these songs) and ia...
  16. KPOP

    IA SO MUCH <3 not only do they have catchier upbeat songs than gee but they can really belt out some gorgeous-sounding songs; Forever and Star Star Star never ever get old anw even if there are rehashes of old music it's clearly because it works, i don't claim to strive for originality or...
  17. KPOP

    omg look at all that skin she's showing... it makes me uncomfortable to look at herrrrr .-. inappropriate as !&@*
  18. KPOP

    i don't know how he managed to get it right when he is wrong? pls someone explain this logical inconsistency to me snsd alternate between aegyo/cute and revealing or as this guy says, "slutty and whorish;" KARA are usually just the latter (or at least they just rarely even try to come across as...