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  1. swaggron711

    SM OU Megagross-Lele-Magnezone Team

    Alright here's my team. My basic idea around the team was Lele setting up Psychic Terrain, which in turn helps Latios and Pheromosa. (Initially my Mega-Gross too when it carried Zen Headbutt) I needed an answer to steel types that completely wall Tapu Lele, which brought me to using Magnezone...
  2. swaggron711

    ORAS OU AV Tyranitar Team (Peaked 1445)

    Hey guys! Unlike the others over here my peak is really low so I actually need some help :P Tyranitar @ Assault Vest Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 108 HP / 148 Atk / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Stone Edge - Earthquake - Crunch - Pursuit The team is based on Tyranitar. With AV and Sand...
  3. swaggron711

    ORAS OU Balanced (?) OU Team - Please rate

    Peaked at 1285 Tornadus-Therian @ Assault Vest Ability: Regenerator EVs: 96 HP / 160 SpA / 252 Spe Hasty Nature - Hurricane - Heat Wave - U-turn - Knock Off Tornadus-T is one of the most important member of the team. Hurricane is a powerful STAB which hits a chunk of pokemon for a lot of...
  4. swaggron711

    ORAS OU Need suggestions for this team

    Excadrill @ Leftovers Ability: Mold Breaker EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Rapid Spin - Swords Dance - Earthquake - Iron Head Excadrill acts as my primary switch in whenever I expect the opponent uses an electric type attack or Toxic. Immune to both Toxic and...
  5. swaggron711

    XY OU Please rate my OU team

    I've been playing on Showdown for a week. Here is my team, can someone please rate it and suggest improvements. PS: My OU ladder points are 1188 (or something like that xD) Charizard - Charizardite Y - Sp.Attack and Speed maxed -Flamethrower -SolarBeam -Roost -Focus Blast Poliwrath - Wide Lens...