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  1. Why do you still play Pokémon you fucking loser

    Why do you still play Pokémon you fucking loser
  2. Refreshing Christmas Jams

    This year I thought that with all the bands I listen to, one of them is bound to have a Christmas song. So I found T1zMY1tbftE Excellent band, mediocre song. And unless you've listened to Swan Songs a few times you won't understand all of the humor of the song because it references multiple...
  3. The Walking Dead Thread - Spoilers ITT

    I just caught up on every episode of this season except the 1st one because I don't get AMC at school. But HOLY SHIT. This season got kind of crazy and is about to get insane. I really hope the moustached prisoner makes himself useful soon because after finally getting rid of the most useless...
  4. CAP 15 CAP 4 - Final Product

    It hadn't been released for more than a day and already proved to be broken as hell in Randbats. If only randbats didn't include CAP... But that Pokédex entry is the weirdest shit I've read in a while Zoroark lead with Illusion Aurumoth at the back, that's how you do mind games
  5. Doctor Who

    I just finished watching the 5th season and it was pretty damn good to my surprise. I had seen 2 or 3 episodes of the 7th season with my girlfriend and her friends but their favorite season is 5 so they went back to watch it while waiting for new episodes in the 7th season. The guest stars were...
  6. Realm of the mad god Sounds good man. Also if you're bored of the game give me all your stuff please :toast: I'm up to 17 stars since I restarted everything, I've lost my best characters due to 2 counts of minimizing the window thinking I was safe, 2 counts of getting...
  7. Seasonal Ladder - November

    What level are these Pokés?
  8. Realm of the mad god

    Update Flash? Use a better browser (IE)? Refresh because they've been updating the client all day long? Remember to use WASD? Hit O or click the wrench for options to check your controls? Make sure you didn't right click the screen?
  9. Realm of the mad god

    New layout and nexus, the design is thanks to the partnership with GameStop to the best of my knowledge. So I'm still really enjoying the game but I keep dying and usually it's my stupid mistakes. But this last time, I was leveling up a character using some of my better equipment when I got...
  10. The Walking Dead Thread - Spoilers ITT

    I agree with this but it's really just setting the stage for the 2nd episode which looks pretty big. Also I'm glad to see the good old Gerber Apocalypse Kit reappearing
  11. The Walking Dead Thread - Spoilers ITT

    Carl is a (BAN ME PLEASE). Shane is an asshole but that's taken care of. Andrea is a piece of shit. Daryl and Glenn are total bosses. Maggie is a babe. T-Dog is black. I miss Morgan and Dale. Very excited for the new season. I don't read the graphic novels but I know a bunch of people who do, the TV...
  12. Technical Support Mk. 2 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!)

    (Operating system) Windows 7 (Web Browser) IE9, Maxthon 3 (When did this problem start?) Yesterday (PS username) (Problem) Can't connect to PS from my home. Either the page can't be displayed or the connecting screen just goes on indefinitely
  13. Wonkymons -- Updates

    *Simple Breloom sounds scary with either a Bulk Up set or a Swords Dance priority abuse set *Wonder Skin Regigigas is sure to see some use but probably not as much as a few other things *Snow Warning Seadra could be a contender *Eviolite Drought Gloom could be fun *Drizzle Golduck sounds...
  14. Realm of the mad god

    I'm actually really getting back into it. When I was leveling a Priest someone just ran up to me and gave me a T11 wand so that made me hopeful. The new items and new dungeons are rather cool along with somewhat new features like gravestones. Yeah I hate the token thing where they legitimately...
  15. Realm of the mad god

    Here's hoping that this necro is a bit better. I decided to hop back on and create a new account. I had given away all of my items (and not a single one of those assholes thanked me) and my fame wasn't all that high on my old account so fresh start. The game looks pretty good. The community...
  16. Doctor Who

    Here's my spot: I don't really like the new Doctor Who or the current Doctor, my girlfriend and her friends and sister all watch Doctor Who and love the new stuff, but they take it as an insult when I make critiques or otherwise questions and they refuse to speculate, and went so far as to make...
  17. RBY Cup

    Eviolite is usable if not the best item on Rhydon and Magneton outside of RBY cup so it's still good within it Golduck could be a good Water-type to use because of its ability to check Ninetales and block SolarBeams
  18. Doctor Who

    Old doctors >>> New doctors This just can't be stressed enough
  19. Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

    Can someone make a 5th gen revamp of the RB Golbat sprite?
  20. Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

    Its BST is too high for a non-pseudo-legendary but I digress. Eagle is right about it not looking Electric. I would suggest adding electric current to the sprite, maybe on the tail, to make it look like a legitimate Electric-type. Also its eyes are a bit too simplistic, they have no detail