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  1. F1 2015

    Discuss~ No more Marussia :( Can Vettel regain his reputation? How will Button measure up to Alonso? How will Lotus fare this year with a Mercedes engine? Or whatever else you feel like discussing about the upcoming season... :P
  2. Down to the wire.

    Right so this was a battle that enabled one of us to break into the top 500 of the UU ladder... and it was also pretty much the closest battle I've had yet with plenty of twists, so I hope you guys enjoy reading :) WoShiDavid95's team: RowDog's team: Commentary: Right from his team...
  3. F1 2014

    Right so F1 2013 has ended, therefore I shall create this thread. Maldonado has been confirmed at Lotus *Cue 'Big No' moment* We all have varying opinions of which driver we support but I'm sure we can (almost) universally agree that Hulkenberg should have been there instead -.- Here comes all...