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  1. XY OU Skipping Gen V (+1700)

    yeah that should of course be sturdy, thanks for pointing that out! I'll consider Spin on Excadrill, but seeing as often lead with it I can often get SR out against something I'm threatening right from the start. I won't change Spikes because they've been a key part of my success here, I feel...
  2. XY OU Skipping Gen V (+1700)

    Hello there, so this is in fact the first XY team I've ever built, seeing as I haven't played for a long long time. In fact, I stopped playing near the end op the DPPt era, hence the title. Anyway, I've built this team without much knowledge of the metagame, so I focused on overall type coverage...
  3. Smogon's Forum Invitational - Round One

    lost in a good game where luck was equally distributed to both sides, gg.
  4. Smogon's Forum Invitational - Round One

    I've been waiting for one hour now after the arranged time (unless I've got something wrong AGAIN) so yeah. I approve what pana has said in his post btw except that iirc you didn't tell me to battle on the 26th, I understood your message more like "let's battle in 2011" but whatever, now KG has...
  5. Smogon Premier League 2 - Player Sign Ups

    Player Name: _Flygon_ Tiers Played: DPP OU / DPP Uber Timezone : GMT +1
  6. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 1

    lost the first one due to a crucial hydro pump miss and some other hax won the second won, got helped a lil bit by a crit lost the third one by a crit on the turn before the end to sum it up, the better player lost ggs
  7. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 1

    carloo suggested last friday and saturday but wasn't on when I was (christmas's surely not the best time lol) so I'm still looking for him
  8. Smogon's Forum Invitational - Round One

    I second this
  9. Tournament of Second Chances - Round 3

    lost 0:2, there was a crit in the first game against me that mattered me thinks, but I wouldn't deserve to win anyway because of the way I got outplayed in the second game lol, ggs
  10. Tournament of Second Chances - Round 2

    won 2:0 against KidX, first one was clean but in the second hax ruined all of his chances to win, although I wasn't in the worst position when it occured, sorry about that, otherwise ggs sending the logs soon
  11. Tournament of Second Chances - Round 2

    I did answer you on Saturday, I just didn't notice your message yesterday because I've been busy with sports. But I will try to get the match done!
  12. Smogon Superstars II Playoffs Round 3- The Semi-finals

    rey and megan, megan to win it all man
  13. Smogon Superstars II Playoffs Round 2 - The Quarterfinals

    so I lost 1:2 ubers: crit and para on my spin kinda ruined the match for me ou: won in a clean game uu: lost in a clean game overall ggs and now win this thing please!
  14. Smogon Superstars II Playoffs Round 2 - The Quarterfinals

    Will be on holidays the next week so if I don't meet megan fox today, I don't think we will be able to make this within the deadline. To make things worse, I'm also out tonight so yeah I dunno.
  15. Smogon Superstars II Playoffs Round 1- The Super 16

    it's just one match left anyway...