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  1. Altervisi

    SM OU Koko Screens Hyper Offense + Stored Power Mega-Latias

    Introduction This is a Dual Screens Tapu Koko Hyper Offensive team. It's based around taking advantage of Screens with strong set up sweepers that are supported by a hard hitting breaker and speed control teammates. I peaked at 1750, though I did beat one opponent who was 1930 and a few other...
  2. Altervisi

    SM OU Dual Screens Koko + Gyarados Z-Bounce, Hyper Offense - 1750 ELO

    Introduction My second RMT and another Hyper Offensive build, my last RMT got me to 1600 but felt too predictable and using very common Pokémon meant a lot of people were well prepped going to mid-ladder. So this time I wanted to use a couple of lesser used Pokémon and sets. I'm struggling to...
  3. Altervisi

    SM OU Volcarona + Mamoswine Hyper Offense

    Hyper Offense ~ By Altervisi A hyper offensive team I built around mainly Volcarona as well as making best use of Suicide Excadrill. My first generally successful team and my first RMT. Any comments are appreciated, no matter what your opinions on the team. I've peaked at just 1700 myself with...