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  1. Pikasohn

    SM LC Zigswag Your Way to Victory

    ~Zigswag Your Way to Victory~ Introduction Hi n~n my name is Pikasohn and this is my first RMT. I've been planning to do this for a long long time but I was too busy lazy so I somehow kept delaying the work for almost 2 years, and now it seems like I'm the only one left using...
  2. Pikasohn

    Deerling [QC(1/3)]

    [Overview] *Is one of the only few Pokemon in the metagame that can viably use Sap Sipper. *Niche of being an offensive wall for many Grass-type Pokemon, notably its ability to check Snivy. *Blessed with a based Speed stat that hits 18 speed, outspeeding a majority of the unboosted metagame...