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  1. Astra

    Looking for GP Checkers

    Hey, everyone. With this year only just beginning, I would like to just mention that the GP team is always looking for new recruits. With the number of analyses that are written frequently, it's difficult for us as a small team to keep up with them at the same pace, so any sort of help will be...
  2. Astra

    Tournament BDSP CAP Inaugural Tournament - Won by JP192

    BDSP CAP Inaugural Tournament Thank you to everyone who signed up! Here are the pairings for Round 1: dex  vs  SNAK30PRA Estronic  vs  SHSP Brambane  vs  D2TheW RTM  vs  Scizivire Bag of Trixx  vs  JP192 Mr.Bossaru  vs  adem spoo  vs  SunMYSER 1BluLizard  vs  piyush master Zephyri  vs ...
  3. Astra

    Metagame BDSP CAP Hub

    approved by snake_rattler BDSP CAP HUB amazing art by Kiwi!!! Welcome to the resources and discussion thread for the BDSP CAP metagame! BDSP CAP is a metagame based on BDSP OU with, of course, the inclusion of CAPs; however, similar to how BDSP OU is limited to Pokemon only available in DPP...
  4. Astra

    what songs do you listen do when you're doing work and shit like that

    need answers for my own self benefit
  5. Astra

    rant thread but you can only rant about incredibly specific things that most likely wouldn't bother other people

    nearly everyone in my computer science class apparently already has a lot of knowledge in the coding program we're using so every time we get an assignment they're always like "can we use this technique" or whatever and the professor says no because she hasn't covered it in class and then they...
  6. Astra

    itt post a song and i will rate it

    i will also give you a recommendation based on the song you post
  7. Astra

    events that you forgot if they were either a dream or real life

    i was chilling in the school parking lot and i heard music coming from a friend's car so i walked up to it stole her aux and started blasting hustle bones we don't talk anyone so i'd assume it was in real life but looking back it just doesn't feel real
  8. Astra

    itt song lyrics that bother you

    in black skinhead kanye west claims that he "keeps it 300 like the romans" when the movie 300 is actually about the spartans who were not roman
  9. Astra

    2v2 Doubles in Generation 8 - How We Got Here, and Where We Are Now

    You'll always be seeing double, no matter the time! 2v2 Doubles in Generation 8 - How We Got Here, and Where We Are Now Credits: Written by: Mubs Grammar checked by: Milak, Oglemi, and Rabia Art by: Kaiju Bunny QC by: Ransei HTML by: Ryota Mitarai This article is also available in French...
  10. Astra


    typically after i make a post, i sit back in my chair, take a good sip of water, and say to myself "damn, what a good post" what about you
  11. Astra

    1v1 Suspect Coverage: Snorlax

    Don't sleep on this one! 1v1 Suspect Coverage: Snorlax Credits: Written by: Mubs Grammar checked by: Rabia and Estronic Art by: Litra QC by: Rosa HTML by: Jho
  12. Astra

    hey guys can you watch my pet rat for a couple hours

    much appreciated
  13. Astra

    An Introduction to SS NFE

    The middle children finally get their own spotlight! An Introduction to SS NFE Credits: Written by: Marjane, Jett, and S1nn0hC0nfirm3d Grammar checked by: Finland and Estronic Art by: lei QC by: Jett and Greybaum HTML by: Ryota Mitarai This article is also available in Portuguese...
  14. Astra

    Thread Topic: “General Chat”

    shoutout earl for the idea use this thread to talk about anything that would clog up other threads
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    VALORANT is a (free!) 5v5 tactical shooter created by Riot Games that combines the usual elements of its game genre like gunplay with unique elements such as characters and abilities, almost like a blend of CS:GO and Overwatch. The casual and competitive sides of the game are currently very...
  16. Astra

    convince everyone that you would win a free for all against every single frequent smogoff poster

    i did martial arts when i was eight
  17. Astra

    VERY IMPORTANT SURVEY it's for my ap bio class
  18. Astra

    ReCAP 28

    Introducing CAP's latest creation: Miasmaw! ReCAP 28 Credits: Written by: Zephyr2007, Airwind, MrDollSteak, and Voltage Grammar checked by: Milak and Finland Art by: Shadowshocker QC by: Mx and quziel HTML by: SparksBlade
  19. Astra

    i'm back

    sorry i took a while walmart didn't have any of the milk brand i needed, had to take a trip to bj's