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  1. plat27

    Ubers Heatran Analysis [GP:2/2]

    [Overview] Heatran's typing coupled with Flash Fire grants it important immunities and numerous key resistances. This allows it to come in on a plethora of bulky Pokemon such as Eternatus, Ho-Oh lacking Earthquake and Xerneas and wear down opposing teams with its strong movepool. Its signature...
  2. plat27

    SM Ubers Scarf Kyogre Build (1677 Peak)

    Intro With its checks removed, Choice Scarf Kyogre is one of the most potent sweepers in the game. It requires no set up and hits extremely hard with Water Spout, which scores plenty of KO's as it's 150 BP, STAB and rain boosted. Unfortunately, Primal Groudon, priority users, setup sweepers and...
  3. plat27

    SM Ubers Ubers Hyper Offense

    Origin: I created this team so because I loved the idea of being able to overwhelm foes by mounting fast offensive pressure. The two main team members I wanted to include were Ditto which can provide a great revenge killer and a way to keep opponents from setting up and Mixed Rock Polish Primal...