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  1. Hack_Guy

    [Balanced Hackmons] Latios-Mega

    QC: Piccolo Daimao / Mamp / Uselesscrab GP: Malley / GatoDelFuego [OVERVIEW] With Soul Dew boosting its Special Attack and Special Defense to sky-high levels, Mega Latios is a powerhouse in the Balanced Hackmons metagame. Its good Dragon / Psychic typing gives it handy resistances to common...
  2. Hack_Guy

    Help please

    So, starting from yesterday, my IP has been locked on any servers that aren't PS for alleged "Hacking and spamming" both of which I have not done. And today, this problem started happening on main PS as well. I discussed with Slayer95 about the problem and he told me to change my IP. Upon doing...
  3. Hack_Guy


    it had to be done lol Approved by Eevee General and The Immortal Premise: Anyone who has played the the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series knows about electivire's shop and the Link Box. This shop lets you link moves together such that they are used one after the other, like gear grind. The boxes...