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  1. danilo

    Serious sexual assault

    smogon, for the most part, a community of men. that means we are a part of the gender that disproportionately sexually assaults. its been two months since the weinstein scandal. if u dont know weinstein (I didnt know) he was a respected hollywood mogul until the nytimes posted an article...
  2. danilo

    2017 musics

    u know the deal. what's good w/ this year what are we hyped for? what do we think is gonna be wack? when's that yeezy/drizzy album droppin
  3. danilo

    OU making adv better, aka dealing with gengar and replacing restalk zap

    with restalk gone people have whined about adv being lame. i was definitely in this camp for a little bit, but i think that if people are actually trying to do cool stuff instead of spamming current trends this metagame can be beautiful. let's talk about some pkmn --- Zapdos @ Leftovers...
  4. danilo

    2016 musics

    we're back again in a new year. time to talk about new tunes. let's start with Kanye. FACTS is trash, and if he continues being an imitator, SWISH will suc
  5. danilo

    2015 Musics - Join us at #Tunes

    helo fwends. it's danilo here, posting a thread ;) for the next 12 months we will talk about 2015 musics. what are u excited for? What have you listened to? im hyped for new kendrick, kanye, doomstarks, panda bear (just downloaded), godspeed you! (let's lift our skinny fists and pray), aphex...
  6. danilo


    [Overview] <p> Charizard is a solid Pokemon that can fill a variety of roles in ADV. With its Sunny Day set, it is a good Water-type lure, being able to OHKO Swampert, Milotic, and even Suicune, after prior damage, assuming you have accumulated enough boosts. The SubPunch set is an excellent...
  7. danilo

    Strategy & Metagame ADV OU Discussion THING?

    So basically i had an idea where I just talk with ADV players and we have certain topics and we talk about the metagame. It'd be formatted like an interview. I ask questions and we all discuss what we think. Dekzeh and M Dragon have already agreed. We haven't thought too much about it but some...
  8. danilo

    Strategy & Metagame ADV OU Playstyles To Prepare For This Season In The Smogon Tour

    new topic: I don't really want to write about my topic. i feel it's kind of mundane. i'd like to write about the play styles that player should expect to see during season 15 of the smogon tour. it'd probably be called "ADV OU: playstyles to watch out for this STOUR season". im sure someone...
  9. danilo

    Strategy & Metagame The Playstyles of ADV OU

    gonna go over common play styles probably gonna cover DOUBLE TRAP, CM TEAMS, TSS STALL, SAND + SPIKES + GAR, CLASSIC STALL, MAGNETON TEAMS, BATON PASS
  10. danilo

    Strategy & Metagame Underrated ADV OU Movesets

    self-explanatory i guess i'd like to flip flop between this and the featured adv ou team thing i did for issue 24
  11. danilo

    Strategy & Metagame Featured ADV OU Team

    I know featured teams are for the main staff people but this is different i swear. there really aren't any adv ou rmts but i would like to write about the team earthworm posted in the past gen team archive thread. it'd be formatted the same way the Featured RMTs would be.
  12. danilo

    Borat's Guide to GSC - Part 2 [GP 0/2]

    Part 1: (outdated, but still good) Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5...
  13. danilo

    Tirtouga (Revamp Son) (Done Breh)

    Originally Posted by Fat Sir <p>Tirtouga, being the cutest and arguably the most powerful Shell Smash user in Little Cup, is certainly a force to be reckoned with. While you're distracted by its cuteness, Tirtouga will either be sweeping your team with its Shell Smash set or walling your...
  14. danilo

    Blissey [Done]

    :naughty: [Overview] <p>Blissey is nothing short of incredible. Most if not all special attackers are useless against Blissey's insane HP stat and incredible Special Defense stat; even some physical attackers have trouble getting past Blissey's tough HP stat, despite her pitiful Defense...
  15. danilo

    Drilbur (Mold Breaker) (GP 2/2) Done

    [SET] name: Mold Breaker move 1: Earthquake move 2: Rock Slide move 3: Rapid Spin move 4: Stealth Rock item: Eviolite ability: Mold Breaker nature: Jolly evs: 36 HP / 236 Atk / 236 Spe [SET COMMENTS] <p>Although Drilbur is generally found alongside its trusty partner, Hippopotas...
  16. danilo

    Starmie (QC 2/2) [Done]

    [Overview] <p>Starmie is easily one of the best Rapid Spin users in OU, if not the best. The blue star is able to easily switch into all of the Spikes users in OU&mdash;with the exception of specially defensive Hidden Power Bug Forretress;&mdashthreaten them out, and spin away Spikes...
  17. danilo

    magneton [qc 2/2] [gp 2/2]

    [Overview] <p>The concept of Magneton is a very simple one. Magneton is used on teams which benefit from the removal of Skarmory, and to a lesser extent the removal of Forretress; generally those teams centered around physical sweepers, such as Gyarados, Substitute + Swords Dance Heracross...
  18. danilo

    Cloyster done

    [Overview] <p>Cloyster is in a sticky situation in ADV OU, as it faces stiff competition from other Spikes users. Skarmory, while lacking Rapid Spin, resists nearly every physical attacking type, possesses a workable Special Defense stat, has a great movepool, and is immune to Spikes...
  19. danilo

    Aerodactyl (Done)

    Haven't done this in a while [Overview] <p>Aerodactyl is one of the most feared Choice Band users in OU. Its access to unresisted coverage moves in Rock Slide, Double-Edge, and Earthquake allow the prehistoric tyrant to ravage the OU metagame. Aerodactyl's secondary Flying typing blesses...