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  1. Project Iron Chef: Overused | Episode 6, Phase 3 (Voting)

    (i had a callout here so it might sound a tad weird) alright so i'll try to display the problems with each of the teams. My team is obviously not amazing and was built a month and a half ago. It therefore has immense issues against Zygarde and more popular Gastrodon lures like Bloom Doom...
  2. SM OU Mega Diancie Balance: Peak 1735

    hey GekkisaiDaiNi , nice team you have here. I also think Substitute + Endeavor diancie is underrated and Volcarona is an amazing partner to it. Supporting it with Defog was also nice as it keeps Volcarona healthy throughout the game. However, Toxapex seems like a huge pain to deal with as no...
  3. im mr. chad

    im mr. chad
  4. chad

  5. Project Iron Chef: Overused | Episode 6, Phase 3 (Voting)

    won vs azogue and lost vs ultraballz
  6. Tournament Randpoke Counterteam Tour | Round 1

    won with some wack shit, gg gave curi the replay on disc
  7. you still here?

    you still here?
  8. When play for randpoke

    When play for randpoke
  9. same tbh

    same tbh
  10. New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    requesting name change to "vso" as that is my PS! and my Discord username and everybody calls me by it. vso also is not a user on smogon. ok - tdp
  11. SM OU Sincerely (1K RMT)

    hey Team Pokepals extremely solid team and thanks for the shoutout. I feel as if Superpower Tornadus-T can capitalize on both Heracross and Tapu Bulu and severely weaken Heatran, which opens up holes for Celesteela and SD Mega Scizor, however, you do have Wish Support to somewhat compensate...
  12. take the act win

    take the act win
  13. The World Cup of Pokémon XIII - Sign-Ups

    Player Name: vso Tiers: SM OU / ORAS OU / DPP OU Country / Region of Residence: US West Other Eligibility: None Significant Time Missed: None
  14. this is your official warning to stop spamming my news feed D:

    this is your official warning to stop spamming my news feed D:
  15. bop