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  1. 6tennis

    Nihilego (Singles) (QC: 0/3)

    [OVERVIEW] Everyone's favorite squid parasite is here to put in work in Battle Spot Singles! Nihilego's offensive prowess comes from several factors. Nihilego has an amazing Speed tier of 103, putting it 1 point above Garchomp. Its typing is good both offensively and defensively, allowing it to...
  2. 6tennis

    [Singles] Heracross [1/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Mega Heracross has the highest base Attack stat in Battle Spot Singles. Couple that with its exceptional ability in Skill Link, making all its multi-hit moves hit the maximum number of times, and the moves it has to abuse this ability, and Mega Heracross is one of the best...
  3. 6tennis

    Beedrill (Singles) [QC: 3/3] [GP: 2/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Previously ridiculed as a garbage Pokemon, Beedrill's Mega Evolution turns it into a beast! While still relatively uncommon in Battle Spot, Mega Beedrill is an offensive powerhouse. Its strength lies in its obscene Attack and Speed, which allow it to outspeed many common threats, and...
  4. 6tennis

    Community Discussion - Stall

    Hello everyone. Stall is, without a doubt, an EXTREMELY powerful team composition, especially when people aren't prepared for it. If you aren't familiar with Stall, the goal of a Stall team is to, well, stall out the opponent by running defensive Pokemon. Sometimes you'll drop 200 points on the...