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  1. Ericcc

    Ericcc's Trade Thread

    A *few* rulez: • Do NOT post here if you don't have a trade thread. Although I give a lot of my Pokemon away for free, it gets annoying. •MOST of the Pokemon here are caught/bred by ME, therefore; if your trade thread is filled with nothing but redis. Pokemon, don't even bother posting...
  2. Ericcc

    This Sandstorm Team could use some help (OU)

    __________________________ *SANDSTORM TEAM* ---SEMI BULKY/SEMI OFFENSIVE--- ______________________________________ ______________________________________ QUICK GLANCE; (?) _________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________...
  3. Ericcc

    We Came As Romans (Bulky Offense Sandstorm RMT)

    great band :) I assosiate sand with rome, so that explains the title of my rmt xD Anyway, So I recently got into Sandstorm teams. When people think of SS Teams, the word "Stall" almost immediately comes to mind. Sure , there are very good Sand-Stall teams out there, but its just not my way of...
  4. Ericcc

    Hello Smogon! :D First OU RMT

    well hi i'm new to smogon, not so new to competitive battles, so i thought i'd have my team rated :D please rate//comment//POSITIVE Critisism. :) ok here goes. at a glance; ____________________________________________________________________________ *** "OmfgzzzFish" Swampert @...