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  1. Menshay

    shoddy stuff

    Hello. I draw stuff sometimes. I have no plans to ever do this professionally so it's likely pretty shoddy. Have some anyway. A simple vector drawing of a Masquerain. This could use some more advanced stuff like transparency on the wings or variable line thickness, I guess. An idea for the...
  2. Menshay

    [XY] Miscellaneous offers

    Some notes before starting: My cartridge language is Italian. My time zone is GMT+1 (I guess this will cause problems). Every Pokémon in this shop was obtained with legitimate methods from legitimate parents, at least as far as I know. No cheats, and I obviously won't accept cheats, so no AR...
  3. Menshay

    Add dates to analyses

    I think it could be nice to add somewhere in the on-site analysis pages at least the date in which a page was last updated (especially if it could be done automatically since I do realise how time-consuming having to manually add dates to hundreds of pages would be). I think this would be useful...