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  1. Skooma

    Resource Anything Goes - Tournament Hall of Fame

    An idea that I kind of stole from Ubers. This thread gathers all the winners of an Individual or a Team Tournament. They will be ranked by the number of trophies, with individuals having more weight than team tournaments; in the event of equal trophies amounts, the most recent one(s) will be...
  2. Skooma

    Other Metagames [AAA]Generic "Aids" Stall RTM - Peaked #1, 2 and 3 (GXE +87.4%)

    > Generic "Aids" Stall < | |||| Introduction Hello there. I would like to introduce you to the first generic stall RMT for AAA, that actually is capable to peak. This team works great in this current meta, and is quite easy to use for everyone. I managed to get an impressive 76-1 W/L with it...
  3. Skooma

    Other Metagames doctors hate these pokemon: AG rtm peaked #1 at 2081 elo

    Before I start. excuse my typing. too lazy to do it formally. (also its my first rtm so it might look ugly ;) ) hi. my name is fardin, and im here to spread my cancer that I've built a couple of weeks ago. this team started out as a semi stall built around mega diancie, because I really liked...