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  1. Cereza

    Top 10? Cutest Pokemon from gen 6

    This is just an idea for the time being but if no one has reserved an article similar to this one, I would like to give it a try. The article would describe who, in my opinion, are the cutest Pokemon of the region and why. Any suggestion are welcomed.
  2. Cereza

    Wondercard RNG Guide [An update]

    I shall work on this. There's not much to change or ass so I'll use some of Kaphotic's original article. Keep that in mind.
  3. Cereza

    Serious or do You?

    Please listen to all the lyrics, because what I have to say is something I can't really describe on my own words. I would also appreciate honest responses and if you have nothing nice to say, just don't say anything. I would appreciate it. r0U0AlLVqpk or do you? Hello Smogon! *sigh* This is...
  4. Cereza

    Elimination of the waiting periods between Searches

    I know 30 seconds don't sound as bad but when you're desperately looking for information it seems like eternity. I believe that forums should be as McDonaldized as possible and having to wait between each search is just obnoxious. I have been in some others vBulletin Forums, none of which...
  5. Cereza

    ♥ Rokkenjima ♥

    My Pokémon are Non-Redis. Please don't trade them to anybody nor offer them as yours. I'm not looking for any pokémon as of right now. If you need anything from my thread you'll get it for services such as EV training, leveling up and tutoring. I'm a rather flexible girl though so depending...
  6. Cereza

    Tangled giveaway

    So I finally learned how to RNG capture on my HG! It took so much effor and help from others that I want to thank them all: Princess of Johto Rocking X Winters Zombie -Red- Thank you guys ! Now the giveaway! Sweet Tangela OT: CANDY ID: 46128 Gender:♀ Nature: Impish Ability...