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  1. VKCA

    Does anybody else really want kids?

    (I was debating putting this in cong but it's basically just a poll that doesn't belong anywhere, so better firebot, feel free to move/delete)(I know how much the moderators value the input of the smogon posters, so I figured I'd give you permission to move/delete this thread in case you were...
  2. VKCA

    What's the worst thing you've ever done? (super serious guys don't fuck about)

    One time I killed a kitten guys. not really intentionally but you know, I was drunk etc. Walking down a street, rather late at night near a friends house, and I look down an alley, and there it is, this beautiful and pretty little cat. I walk up to it, and she(i'll call it a she for obvious...
  3. VKCA

    Faster than the speed of light?

    So yeah scientists in geneva (I think I'll find an article in a second) shot a neutrino through the earth at, uhhh, italy. And it arrived 60 nano seconds faster than expect. Experimental error was set at ten nano seconds or so. Obviously you all know the equation e=m(c²)(1-v²/c²)^-1/2, so if...
  4. VKCA

    Justin bieber's face on things that aren't justin beiber.

    I have no idea where these are from but they're amazing and there seems to be more.
  5. VKCA

    aend then he went to sleep

    It was like the abrupt climax to a movie. All of the sudden you were there. and it was going down. It came out of nowhere and now it's nearing the end and there is nothing you can do. You could feel the tension as it came to head. But too suddenly it all compounded. It was nice well it lasted...
  6. VKCA

    Filtering for multiple prefixes

    I think it would be useful to be able to filter for multiple prefixes, so instead of being able to view all the pokemon threads only, or all the data threads only, you could filter for multiple prefixes, so you could make it so you see more than one prefix. ex: you could decide you only wanted...
  7. VKCA


    Link for the ignorant. Anybody use dvorak? I always wanted to but never did until just last week because I thought I would need a new keyboard. As it turns out I didn't. If anybody does use it, how long did it take to re-learn how to type? So far I have just had this image open the whole time so...
  8. VKCA

    Separation of stark and OU (and the subsequent movement of OU to "metagames")

    I think the original reason for not separating stark and OU was because OU was the default, but now that their is a "Metagames" subforum, it seems kind of strange that OU is absent from the list. Also if you take a look at the threads on the first page (disregarding stikies) 12 out of the 20...
  9. VKCA

    Server clock

    Reference The server clock appears to be de synced again, about two minutes fast according to this. In three weeks the clock appears to have de synced itself again, so might there be another problem?
  10. VKCA

    VM Notifications

    I think it might be worthwhile to have a popup box when you get a visitor message, similar to the pop up you get when you receive a private message. The current notification system is not all that obvious, so VM often go unnoticed.
  11. VKCA

    CAP TL getting project mods?

    I meant to post this before the start of cap 10, but I forgot about it. Cap 10 has already started, so it might not be implemented this cap, but I figured I should suggest this anyways. I think it might be helpful if the Team Leaders of the create a pokemon project were given project mods...
  12. VKCA

    Different badges for #stark and #smogon

    To become an Sop or Aop on #stark or #smogon is certainly difficult, but they both have quite different requirements. DM and Aldaron, for example, both have the irc Sop badge, but if you confronted DM on a matter of pokemon, he would certainly lack any experience to help you (no offense to dm)...
  13. VKCA

    Visitor message improvements

    Would it be possible to make it so that you can edit visitor messages? Or would this require vbulletin to do an update?
  14. VKCA

    A combining of threads.

    Why aren't the how did you create your username and the how did you pick your avatar threads combined? (with the possible addition of how did you get your signature.)
  15. VKCA

    An "Introduce yourself forum"

    I'm quite aware of the possiblity that this idea will be shot down promptly, and to be honest, if you think this is a stupid idea I half agree with you I was thinking about the idea of adding an introduce yourself forum, when I noticed a couple of other pokemon/general forums had them. It could...
  16. VKCA

    Broken link

    I figured this should just be brought up. There is a link on the front page at the bottom right, beneath all the news that says "more", apparently implying that it will bring you to archived news. Which it does not. The page news/ does not exist. <a href="news/">More &raquo;</a> I messaged...