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  1. BlizzardHero

    [Gen 6-7-8] ⚡ Blizz's Ditto Dynamo ⚡

    Introduction This giveaway distributes breeding Ditto's for Gen 6, 7, and 8, and shiny spitbacks for Gen 8. Ditto's are cloned via Save State Restoration + Pokemon Bank. Spitbacks are not cloned, and have a set stock. They will be lvl 1, have my Sword OT (Kaavie), and the TID (138786). This...
  2. BlizzardHero

    Running With The Bulls Giveaway![59 Runners Running!][Finished, Mod's Please Lock]

    Introduction: To celebrate the festival of Sanfermines in Pamplona, Spain, and their world famous Running with the Bulls activity, I'll be giving away bovines/bovine related Pokemon from around the world! *Note*, there is controversy surrounding this activity, as animal rights activists are...
  3. BlizzardHero

    World Oceans Day Giveaway! [88 Trash Collected!][Finished, Mod's Please Lock]

    Introduction: World Oceans Day is once again upon us, and in celebration of the wonderful bounty that is our oceans, I will be giving away these wonderful creatures of the ocean. From the ocean floor to the coasts, bountiful, interesting, and downright terrifying creatures reside, in an amazing...
  4. BlizzardHero

    Too Many Shipping Containers Of Pokemon! (Pokemon Spitback Giveaway)[Finished][Mods, please lock]

    Information: As we slowly inch closer to the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, and we get ready for the "big move" to our new region, I've come to the realization..... I have way too many spitbacks! So instead of feeding them all to my Rhydon for mulch, I've decided to host a spitback giveaway...
  5. BlizzardHero

    [Gen 7-8]✨❄ Heroes Home ❄✨[BR/Parents/Shiny Hatching] ➜ [Last Update: 9/4 Beast Feast]

    [Banner by MamOwOswine] Welcome to the Heroes Home, a place of rest, safety, but most importantly, family. In the darkest of days, and the coldest of nights, the Heroes Home will always be a beacon of warmth to guide you forward. You are neither tool, trophy, or trash - you are you, and we...