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  1. Eoin482

    SM OU HP Ground Magearna: 24-1 off a fresh alt

    Haven't built an OU team in a hot minute since I mostly steal RobJr's stuff or use stall. Wanted to post this here and get some advice as the team moves into the parts of the ladder where its imperfections will actually be punished. Magearna @ Fairium Z Ability: Soul-Heart EVs: 72 HP / 4...
  2. Eoin482

    SM OU Marshadow Stall

    The most broken pokemon in the game has been released so it followed that it should fit on the most broken team! Building stall around Marshadow struck me as a great concept because of its amazing matchup vs top stallbreakers such as Sub Coil Zygarde, Taunt Lele and Zard X. Without further ado...
  3. Eoin482

    ORAS OU Enter the Dragon: Zard X Manaphy balance

    Hello folks wanted to put out one more squad before the new meta is upon us, and decided to build around two of my favourite mons competitively, who happen to form a neat core, Charizard X and Manaphy. Teambuilding Process Charizard @ Charizardite X Ability: Blaze EVs: 104 HP / 252...
  4. Eoin482

    ORAS OU The new Wonder Trio

    The New Wonder Trio Hello and welcome to my RMT! My name is Eoin and though I mainly specialize in the draft format of mons, I decided to try my hand at building something viable but novel to close out Gen 6 with. I started with the revolutionary concept of building around a...
  5. Eoin482

    ORAS OU My Hoopa suspect ladder team

    Been using this team to get the reqs on the Hoopa suspect. Has done the job in terms of achieving the Coil but I'd like to refine it a little to better deal with certain threats so any feedback is appreciated :] A few sets I intended to change already, but because I was playing on tilt I kept...
  6. Eoin482

    ORAS OU Sands up

    So this is my first RMT of this generation and I thought I'd kick off with something a bit left field: a bulky offensive sand team. My initial thought process was to focus around the standard fat hippo fast Excadrill core, but as the team developed I adopted a slightly different approach...