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  1. mael

    The USM TurBo3 Tournament - Finals [won by Simia]

    rules same as all rounds before Simia vs mael
  2. mael

    Don't approach me :3

    Don't approach me :3 At a glance Intro Knowing that there will be a smogon tour I decided that I have to make a new team and try to win or at least get as far as possible. It was my first tournament and sadly I got haxed out in Round 1, but it is ok, there are other Smogon tours...
  3. mael

    Strangeland =3

    Strangeland =3 At a Glance Intro: I am an offensive Player. No matter what tier I just play offensive. I choose an offensive core and then I try to cover every threat and counter for the offensive core. But the thing is not that I cant make defensive teams. I've made a lot of at...
  4. mael

    It's all about Prediction :3

    It's all about Prediction! :3 At a Glance Intro: I dont think anyone here knows me, thats why I will tell you a few things about me. Im an offensive Player, i can stall but its attracting hax too much for me and its taking too long so i rather stick to offense. Its more funny anyway...