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  1. Bug Maniac Aydon

    Scorpions are aliens

    I have hard evidence that scorpions are not in fact earthicans 1. I mean, honestly, have you looked at one? 2. These mfers glow under UV light. Why do they do that? Animals don't typically do that 3. (i don't really have a pic for this one) These things can survive being frozen. When you...
  2. Bug Maniac Aydon

    Found out I own a valuable playing card

    It's not like. VALUABLE valuable but it's a decent $45 It's an Enlightened Tutor, 6th Edition white border from MTG I don't have a pic right now, I'll take one when I get home and also sleeve that shit
  3. Bug Maniac Aydon

    angry primeape reaction

    how come you basically never see this thing used it's like the rarest one to get
  4. Bug Maniac Aydon

    try not to make poop jokes challenge

    no making poop jokes starting now
  5. Bug Maniac Aydon


    put your own
  6. Bug Maniac Aydon

    chimeratech overdragon

    fuse 5 attack 6 times for game k? also i love how many cute faces it has
  7. Bug Maniac Aydon

    creepers are the worst minecraft mob

    I hate these green assholes. I keep dying to them. If they go up behind you, you have basically no time to react before they go off. If you're in a tight corridor, it's hard to knock them away. And unlike skeletons or whatever, instead of just getting a flash and a chance to see what you're...
  8. Bug Maniac Aydon

    Apparently a game that can be played with multiple players isn't necessarily a multiplayer game

    I'm crass clown btw Like "a game you can play with more than 1 player" is the answer anyone will give you if you asked them what a multiplayer game is there's no way I'm wrong about this Also sorry if this is overly long
  9. Bug Maniac Aydon

    playing some cards on the middle school playground

    anyway i play snatch steal which lets me steal the rarest card from your deck and keep it
  10. Bug Maniac Aydon

    the mogus

  11. Bug Maniac Aydon

    off topic but well meaning competitive pokemon related question

    why hitmonchan rby sucks ass?
  12. Bug Maniac Aydon

    unfun facts

    Did you know that blobfish aren't naturally pink, they only turn that way when they're pulled way outside their natural water pressure, suffering heavy tissue damage as a result?
  13. Bug Maniac Aydon

    smogon does game development

    blank slate i'll add whatever you want I haven't been inspired to do this in a while jsyk but why not try
  14. Bug Maniac Aydon

    weird wikipedia articles/article names

    i'll go first
  15. Bug Maniac Aydon

    What would be the historical implications of the ancient Egyptians inventing Yu-Gi-Oh?

    You read the title now write me an essay lol
  16. Bug Maniac Aydon

    smart idiot

    sometimes i feel like i'm a smart dude and sometimes I feel like an idiot or get irrationally upset and feel like a baby you guys ever feel like that
  17. Bug Maniac Aydon

    touching grass

    so today I was playing lol and I learned of the thing kids call "touching grass" time to go try huh ok time to play more lol
  18. Bug Maniac Aydon


    Ay blokes imma go get bloody wasted an waste meself chewpid watchin the footboll game who's comin mates
  19. Bug Maniac Aydon

    Smogon Trading Card Game

    A trading card game where you battle your favorite Smogon users. Anyway, I made a pretty basic base set. Might make this on Duelingbook if anybody wants. Advice on this would be cool this might be a hip thing It's probably pretty poorly balanced and not that thematic
  20. Bug Maniac Aydon

    I need to find a song (not a troll)

    God it's bothering me so much It's from Minecraft, maybe just the Xbox version? And it has echos and bells It goes kind of like "wah wah-wah wah-wah-wah-WAAAAH, wah, wah wah *ding* *ding* *ding*" Probably a shit verbal description but whatever