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  1. Bug Maniac Aydon

    Unpopular opinions

    Anyone who says the RBY mechanics make the game worse than later releases are on meth
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    it. Get some help
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    arte thread 2 (the better arte thread)

    Can you draw a man winning a poker tournament with Exodia ashley would not accept this TRUE and HONEST request
  4. Bug Maniac Aydon

    arte threade

    Could you make an art of 2 people playing at a competivive poker event, all the chips are in the center of the table, and the cards are revealed, and one guy has aces while the other has 2 exodia pieces, and all the cards in the center are the remaining Exodia pieces, and the guy with the...
  5. Bug Maniac Aydon

    Scorpions are aliens

    I have hard evidence that scorpions are not in fact earthicans 1. I mean, honestly, have you looked at one? 2. These mfers glow under UV light. Why do they do that? Animals don't typically do that 3. (i don't really have a pic for this one) These things can survive being frozen. When you...
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    spin the wheel

    do i have negative now you lost 70 likes, check your balance
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    spin the wheel

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    rabbits in minecraft

    God this thread is from a fucking year ago? But the one nice thing about rabbits are that you can breed them with dandelions so you don't have to waste crops on them. But chickens are basically the same thing if you have enough wheat alread
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    Memes You Found Mk. 2

    Sadly most of them are actually serious (at least the ones I found are google news) really sucks These ones are serious too but also funny so
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    Found out I own a valuable playing card

    I've been discussing online with people the prospects of selling the card They say it won't really ramp up in value by a whole lot because it's a reprint I'll probably look into asking around a bit more but if that's the consistent answer i'll probably discuss with my dad about selling the card
  11. Bug Maniac Aydon

    Found out I own a valuable playing card

    It's not like. VALUABLE valuable but it's a decent $45 It's an Enlightened Tutor, 6th Edition white border from MTG I don't have a pic right now, I'll take one when I get home and also sleeve that shit
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    Memes You Found Mk. 2

    Every post you make shows up like this is it a problem on my side is it an elaborate troll
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    angry primeape reaction

    how come you basically never see this thing used it's like the rarest one to get
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    hot dog tier list

    i don't see why the octopus hot dogs aren't s tier
  15. Bug Maniac Aydon

    Classic CopyPastas

    STOP POSTING ABOUT AMONG US! I’M TIRED OF SEEING IT! MY FRIENDS ON TIKTOK SEND ME MEMES, ON DISCORD IT’S FUCKING MEMES! I was in a server, right? And ALL OF THE CHANNELS were just among us stuff I-I showed my champion underwear to my girlfriend and t-the logo I flipped it and I said “hey babe...
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    try not to make poop jokes challenge

    no making poop jokes starting now
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    What is the craziest political ideology?

    whatever the hell they're up to in policy review
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    Memes You Found Mk. 2

  19. Bug Maniac Aydon

    Classic CopyPastas

    Finally got to visit that harbor specializing in Gunkan Suships that I've been curious about for a while! The premium "Shari" here is limited to 2000 Suships a year, and uses specially developed smooth aged rice, giving it extra boldness not found anywhere else. The classy atmosphere made my...