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  1. Isaiah

    AAA Moltres [QC 1/2]

    A R C 2/2, just needs to account for some meta changes
  2. Isaiah

    Invalid Follow

    You can already follow people on Smogon: And you can type /friends on PS to see how to add people as friends, which is essentially your suggestion.
  3. Isaiah

    AAA Almost Any Ability

    It's not a regen scarf Genesect (I think this is better than gene anyway), but... :SS/Mew: Mew @ Choice Scarf Ability: Regenerator EVs: 252 HP / 84 Def / 156 Spe Bold / Impish Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Trick - Ice Beam / Triple Axel / Gunk Shot / Flamethrower - Volt Switch / Spikes / Stealth Rock /...
  4. Isaiah

    Announcement Tours & Tours Plaza Tournament Queue and Approval Thread

    Forgot to do this sooner, but gonna lock this thread until Gen 9 because I'd rather not have any gen 8 tours cross over into the new gen.
  5. Isaiah

    Non-official SS AAA - Genesect Voting

    Genesect: Do Not Ban
  6. Isaiah

    AAA Almost Any Ability

    Gardevoir @ Choice Specs Ability: Tinted Lens EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Modest Nature - Moonblast - Psyshock - Psychic - Knock Off Does anyone remember when this + Scarf Dragapult was the truth 2 years ago? Basically same idea as Tinted Tapu Lele except you get to singlehandedly...
  7. Isaiah

    Rejected Suggestions 4 monotype

    Hey! The types of suggestions allowed here are typically ones that have to do with Pokemon Showdown features rather than balancing the various metagames. If you wish to discuss Monotype (or get help with the aspects of the meta you're struggling with), you can either go to the Monotype room on...
  8. Isaiah

    Suspect SS AAA Suspect #9: Burning Red (Genesect)

    Why I'm gonna vote DNB TL;DR Genesect having a lot of sets is fine because it's not too much trouble to have good answers to majority of them, and occasionally losing to a random one bc someone teched something super specific is...not that big of a deal. After thinking about it a lot, coming...
  9. Isaiah

    AAA Magic Beam Lucario (WIP)

    Hey, sorry this wasn't caught until you already wrote some content, but qc would prefer if you wrote about a more standardized Lucario set instead (reasonings are listed as well): Lucario @ Life Orb Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Hasty/Mild - Steel Beam - Close Combat -...
  10. Isaiah

    AAA Coil ZyGod (QC: 0/2)

    A R C I felt there was a decent amount of meta-specific stuff overlooked, so I'll give 1/2 after it's all addressed
  11. Isaiah

    OMotM Nominations Archive

    Tag Team Singles
  12. Isaiah

    AAA Excadrill [Done]

  13. Isaiah

    AAA Galarian Moltres [Done]

    You pretty much covered how2buildagmoltteam, so there isn't much else to change 2/2
  14. Isaiah

    AAA Almost Any Ability

    I laddered with teams (for 1 week) Decided to clear out some of the stuff in my teambuilder and put it all into a pokepaste. A few of these are old stresh teams iirc. Peep at your own risk: Yes they're all set to Gen 6 Monotype, get over it Edit: A team...
  15. Isaiah

    Suspect SS AAA Suspect #9: Burning Red (Genesect)

    Just to address this, the set you posted is walled by unaware mandi, flash fire corv, etc. -> even pex and pert, usually cooked by shift gear gene sets, get some licks in Genesect is dangerous for sure, but the set you posted isn't that scary
  16. Isaiah

    Done [AAA] Talonflame

    A R C Good 1/1
  17. Isaiah

    AAA nihi lego [gp 1/1]

    2/2 btw, discussed in discord
  18. Isaiah

    AAA nihi lego [gp 1/1]

    A R C A lot of my edits are contextual so I feel like it's best to hold off on 2/2 until the suggestions are addressed/implemented, otherwise looks great though
  19. Isaiah