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  1. Animus Majulous

    ORAS-CV Test (Completed)

    Alo everybody. With the recent release or ORAS, the CAP metagame has seen an influx of amazing Pokemon, and what better way to determine their viability than have the first ORAS CV Test. The versatility and viability of CAPmons and new Megas alike will be put to the test, and researching and...
  2. Animus Majulous

    CAP Balanced Offense - Pokemon to Consider and Discussion in General

    A Cap balanced team, as the name suggests, combines strategies of both stall and offense. Rather than giving your opponent thoughts of quitting because the battle takes too long, or running extremely powerful pokemon that lead an onslaught, balance has threats and counters. It doesn't run 6...
  3. Animus Majulous

    Gothitelle (QC: 0/2) (reassigned)

    Gothitelle QC: 0/2 GP: 0/1 Overview ######## + the ability shadow tag is extremely powerful and prevents opposing pokemon from switching out; this allows you to trap pokemon at will and eliminate threats + overall solid defense and special defense stats that is undermined by its terrible hp...