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  1. Rapti

    Curry with Rice? The Value of Petting Your Pokemon

    Ever since gen 6 the Pokemon games have given you the option to interact with your pokemon in a screen separate from the rest of the game, and while the feature has been renamed in every game since, the basics remain the same; you feed and can play with your pokemon in some way or another. the...
  2. Rapti

    Hey mon, nickname your Pokémon! - a Gligar Giveaway (Gen VII)

    This is a continuous giveaway, please don't lock mods Hello and welcome to my first giveaway, a giveaway to celebrate the wonderful feature of nicknames! One of the wonders of Pokémon is how it allows for emotional connections to be made with a bunch of bits by various means, the more...
  3. Rapti

    Exp. Share Bug?

    Sorry about making a tread about this, but I don't think this is a "simple" question So I decided to level up via Exp. Share two level 1 Cutiefly by going to the Battle Buffet with a level 23 Litwick doing the actual fighting, I also had a Chansey egg in the party (not a Lucky Egg) after they...
  4. Rapti

    Festival Plaza

    This tread is for the disscusion of all things Festival Plaza the new online hub for Pokemon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza is unique in that it allows you to not only participate in online battles and trades but to also increase your pokemon's EV, customize your clothes and obtain items from it's...
  5. Rapti

    Pokemon - Mythical Edition

    Copied Inspired by this tread This tread is to post about mytical creatures both those which may have inspired an those which aren't pokemon yet, as always and per smogon's rules speculation isn't...