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  1. UXQ MegaMan775

    Ingame Hax in Pokemon

    Let's face it. We've all suffered hax before. Whether ingame or competitively, we've all lost battles because our Pokemon just couldn't hit that one move, missed out on Wild Pokemon because we got a critical hit and killed them, or even missed Pokeballs in Gen 1. So what ingame hax experiences...
  2. UXQ MegaMan775

    Rate my New Ubers Team please :3

    I just made this team yesterday and have battled with it. It's based on countering the biggest threats in Ubers (Xerneas, Kyogre, etc.) However, this team has some major flaws and I would like some advice to make it better. Here is the team at a glance: Note: The Blaziken is actually a...