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  1. Ailura

    Pending Help tickets: make text white in dark mode ps

    So I've had this issue for a while where when I use PS in dark mode and make a help ticket, the text i type in (for username and additional info/name of room that needs looking after) appears black and can't be seen in dark mode. Idk if this is an issue exclusive to mobile ps but it would be...
  2. Ailura

    Lin's Art Lair

    Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at setting up an art thread after a VERY long period of contemplation, so I hope you guys enjoy! I picked up digital art as a hobby near the end of last year and I plan to be more consistent with my progress here. So a bit about myself before we get into...
  3. Ailura

    Done Give users the option to /blockchallenges friends

    I feel like the title is pretty self explanatory, speaking in large rooms such as lobby/thp sometimes gets users a lot of challenge requests. Additionally, it would be nice if people could opt to block challenges from friends + trusted users due to the limitations of the friend list.
  4. Ailura

    Pending Enable users to turn off HLs from PMs

    Not sure if this has been suggested before but it would be convenient especially if you're in a room tour/battle as these hls can get distracting
  5. Ailura

    Invalid Have Officer Jenny indicate your choice on tour polls in italics

    Title is pretty self explanatory, it's easier to see if you mistapped an option or something the way regular polls do.
  6. Ailura

    Invalid Make Multi Battles 6v6 a separate format

    Mostly for the sake of convenience, I think may of us preferred the 6v6 multi battle format as it allowed for quick matches and was convenient for user scheduled tournaments, can this format be brought back at least as challenge only? The new 12v12 format is very time consuming and quickly gets...
  7. Ailura

    Done Shorten the disqualification timer for 4 player randbats

    It really isn't fun waiting 300 seconds for one opponent to dq only to have another person dq, can the timer be shortened by any chance?
  8. Ailura

    Done Make it possible to permanently clear hidetexted lines

    So I had this issue once when I made a clipboard error and posted something with potentially personal information. Since staff used hidetext, the message could still be read by everyone with the show hidden lines option, and it could not be permanently removed. An option to permanently hide...
  9. Ailura

    Done Don't automatically close help tickets if a user logs off

    Had this issue a few times when no staff were active and i needed to log off with a help ticket active, can it be made so that logging off doesn't automatically close a ticket? As an alternative perhaps the ticket can remain open until it's been viewed by staff and manually exiting the room may...
  10. Ailura

    Invalid Give users the option of turning off highlights by room

    pretty self explanatory. some rooms frequently highlight users ie for battles and it does get distracting, it would be nice if this alternative was available in contrast to having an option to turn hls on or off.
  11. Ailura

    Approved Save highlight lists by account

    Its a bit troublesome having to modify our hl list every time we log in with a new device/after clearing cookies. Would it be possible for highlights to be username linked rather than device linked? It would be very helpful.
  12. Ailura

    Pending Add command to search for signature moves

    For example, if i wanted to look up moves exclusive to a pokemon ie rayquaza it would be helpful to have a command that can do so, /ms isn't very helpful when u forget the name of a move lol.
  13. Ailura

    Pending Add /blockpms ac to settings as a checkbox

    So many people don't seem to know of this command and it would be an added convenience if it were added to the settings menu. It has also personally been useful in avoiding unwanted messages.
  14. Ailura

    Approved Allow users to chat themselves with /blockpms active

    Can users be exempted from being prevented from pming themselves the same way global staff are exempted from /blockpms? It would be much more convenient.
  15. Ailura

    Pending Prevent notifications from timed bot messages

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but in certain rooms such as Arts & Culture and The Library, it does get annoying when the room indicates that there's a message every hour or so when said messages are actually from bots. It would be nice if bot messages didn't notify people the...
  16. Ailura

    Pending Add the old N avatar as a hidden avatar

    This is just a minor suggestion, but I think some of us preferred the old sprite used for N (with his arms crossed) and it would be great if it were still obtainable as an avatar.
  17. Ailura

    Done Give regs the option to whitelist users while using /blockpms

    This seems to be a bit of an issue on PS where users can't selectively block pms, and have to choose between either unblocking pms entirely, allowing for random users to message, or blocking pms completely. It would be nice if we could selectively allow our friends to pm when we use /busy or...