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  1. Tapeworm

    Tapeworm's S̶̩͋p̴̜̈́r̶͂͜ḯ̷̺t̴̝̏e̵̤̔s̷̹̊

    Hello, this is resident edgy boy presenting some cursed semi-custom sprites. I'd been working on a custom in my own time on and off, but after checking this thread for some inspiration I came across Eeveegeneral's sprite and it really made me think there's some scary fucking trainers out there...
  2. Tapeworm

    SS OU Watching Over The Valley From Spaceships

    Hello and welcome to my second RMT. I seem to be developing a bad habit of sharing these so late towards the end of a meta that it doesn't matter very much, but again I feel like sharing this one regardless not because it's exceptionally amazing or in desperate need of improving or anything in...
  3. Tapeworm

    SS OU Killing Floor

    Hello and welcome to my first RMT. I'd built a lot of fair teams so far, but none have particularly accomplished anything enough worth sharing, especially at this late a stage in the meta with the DLC dropping in a few days and all. That said, I'm compelled to share this team in more depth...