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  1. Arcticblast

    how many good is my team?

    Hi there Hey_Trainer! It looks like you've found yourself in the wrong spot. This is the forum for Scarlet and Violet Doubles OU. You can find the Sword and Shield DOU forum here. That being said, this thread is a little bare-bones; just posting a team and asking "is this good?" isn't really...
  2. Arcticblast

    hey that's me

    hey that's me
  3. Arcticblast

    Metagame np: SV DOU Stage 0: Start Over

    Hey, look at me! I'm playing current gen again! I haven't done that since Isle of Armor! This meta is a lot of fun. I love it when you can have hyper aggressive teams and super bulky teams in the same space, and boy does this meta deliver--on one hand, Chi-Yu Flutter sun is super aggressive and...
  4. Arcticblast

    I heard rumors that the East mascot would be Tinkaton so I had no choice

    I heard rumors that the East mascot would be Tinkaton so I had no choice
  5. Arcticblast

    Signups Doubles World Cup III - Signups [CUSTOM AVI PRIZE!! YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP.. NOW!!!!]

  6. Arcticblast

    “Smog-off makes” an SV OU team

    needs a Tinkaton
  7. Arcticblast


    The first time I saw Palafin was in a friendly battle on cart with kaori and as soon as I saw the form change I immediately yelled “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT” I lost that battle
  8. Arcticblast

    Metagame SM Doubles OU

    Sorry for not addressing this sooner, but the ladder appears to be back up now. Please let us know if it goes down again
  9. Arcticblast

    [NPN] A brief timeline of No Post November

    listen if I could stop thinking then things would be MUCH BETTER
  10. Arcticblast

    Tournaments ORAS Premier League II - Finals [Won by Waifu Washers]

    thanks for including DOU again by the way, it's always a great time :sphearical:
  11. Arcticblast

    [NPN] A brief timeline of No Post November

    but I thought that was going to be Do Post December
  12. Arcticblast

    Metagame XY Doubles OU (VR Post #2, Samples Post #3)

    In the time since the end of XY, Jirachi has since been banned from every DOU format where it can use Follow Me. In addition to that, Jirachi is pretty generally agreed to the thing that made Mega Salamence so back breaking, as opposed to Mega Salamence itself. While some stuff has changed in...
  13. Arcticblast

    The world just reached 8 billion people

    that’s gotta be at LEAST seven more people than I know
  14. Arcticblast

    3 crime bosses walk into a 5 guys

    They talk about how many fries they're ordering before they walk in and still end up with too many fries Such is the curse of Five Guys
  15. Arcticblast

    Official XY DOU - Mega Salamence (Salamencite) Voting

    Salamencite: Keep banned
  16. Arcticblast

    Tournament SV Kickoff Tournament

    I plan on using brokens before they're banned
  17. Arcticblast

    The Well #78 - NO. MORE. NOMI. NATIONS. *in the style of “No More Wire Hangers”*

    excuse me I was going to nominate dave I can't believe you would do this to me
  18. Arcticblast

    Smogon Deleted Post Database [NEW DELETED POSTS DROPPED, read post #17]

    I have some posts of mine I wish I could delete, does that count
  19. Arcticblast

    Metagame SM Doubles OU

    Hey gang, how's it going? I was previously under the impression that the oldgen ladders would be removed no matter what after the full transition to Scarlet and Violet. After making my last post, however, I decided to send Marty a PM about the possibility of keeping oldgen ladders up. He told...
  20. Arcticblast

    Proposal SPL Format Discussion

    love the DOU suggestion so that's my position, teamtours are the best way to cross-pollinate between singles and doubles communities and putting DOU in SPL can only benefit both I haven't looked at the leaked Pokedex so idk what's in it, but if Ubers is anything like pre-DLC SS, it's just going...