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  1. Requiem[9]

    Every Breath You Take

    I made this team recently and I've been fairly successful with it (I think I'm at 4 on the ladder as of this writing, but I haven't been on today). Most of the games I've lost have been due to bad play more than the team, and when I found problems -- Breloom, Suicune -- I couldn't come up with a...
  2. Requiem[9]

    Coal to Diamonds

    Introduction I hate this team. It's weird, because it's by far the best I've ever built, but its reliance on synergy in a metagame dominated by power makes it feel like I'm always about the lose until the last few turns, when I somehow piece together a win without understanding how. That's a big...
  3. Requiem[9]

    Dethink to Survive (peaked #32)

    Introduction So, with the end of everything drawing near and some time on my hands, I figured that I'd post another RMT to figure out where I've gone wrong this generation. This is one of my favorite teams that I've built thus far, and I've been pretty successful with it. Since building it...
  4. Requiem[9]

    FWG + GTV (OU RMT)

    The main reason that I'm writing this RMT is that I'd like to get into the mindset of teambuilders much better than I. I chose this team because, while it isn't the most successful team I've ever made, it's one of the most solid and most consistent, my CRE never dropping below 1430 and...