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  1. ReuzeSmurf

    Project Monotype Core Laddering Challenge [INDEX THREAD]

    Challenge Registration: PS! Name: ReuzeSmurf Laddering Alt(s): CCPo9 2017 HoF Replays: Silver: Gold:
  2. ReuzeSmurf

    Monotype Lower-Tier Ladder Contest [Season II] (Won by Juleocesar)

    Challenge Registration Name: ReuzeSmurf Type: Poison Alt: LTLC2 Prut Peak so far 1610
  3. ReuzeSmurf

    Monotype Victim of the Week (Round 8: Kingdra)

    Poison checks Roserade @ Choice Specs Ability: Technician / Natural Cure EVs: 136 HP / 252 SpA / 120 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Grass Knot / Energy Ball - Sludge Bomb - Dazzling Gleam - filler This can switch in on Mega-Sableye as it uses Calm Mind for the first time and...
  4. ReuzeSmurf

    Monotype Core Laddering Challenge [Cycle 6]

    Challenge Registration PS Name: ReuzeSmurf Laddering Alt(s): CCPo6 Smurf Edit: HoF/Peak Submission PS Name: ReuzeSmurf Laddering Alt(s): CCPo6 Smurf HoF Level: Gold (1400+) Peak: 1526 Proof: Wanted to do platinum, but Showdown is performing...
  5. ReuzeSmurf

    Monotype Role Compendium

    Looks good, nice job! I have a few (minor) suggestions: Add Nidoking under suicide leads (it is faster than Nidoqueen and if used as a suicide lead it often runs sash so the lowered bulk doesn't really matter) Add Mega-Venusaur and Golbat under phazers (Roar/Whirlwind) Add Crobat under Defensive...
  6. ReuzeSmurf

    Ladder ORAS Monotype Discussion

    I've been seeing a lot of posts stating either one of the following 2 arguments and I really want to get of my chest how much they irk me: Dark/Ghost will take a heavy hit from losing Mega-Sableye: Stating that either one of these two types will suffer from the loss of Mega-Sableye does nothing...
  7. ReuzeSmurf

    Ladder ORAS Monotype Discussion

    I wouldn't really consider Toxic Spikes to be an 'answer' to Mega-Sableye. I can see your point as a Ghost user. Yes, they aren't too hard to setup vs Ghost, but if Sableye comes in with only one layer down, it'll merely get regular poison, which softens it up, but doesn't really qualify as an...
  8. ReuzeSmurf

    Ladder ORAS Monotype Discussion

    Regarding the Mega-Sableye discussion I've found that the following 3 types have a very hard time dealing with it and often have to rely using rather gimmicky sets that can only check it rather than counter it, or have to rely on the opponent not keeping Mega-Sableye healthy enough. Note that...
  9. ReuzeSmurf

    Other (Monotype) Poison Core Ladder Challenge top finisher [peaked 1574]

    Proof of peak: Hey everybody, ReuzeSmurf here with the team I used made it to top finisher on Core Ladder Challenge #31. For those who don't know, the Core Ladder Challenge is an initiative in Monotype to create more diversity in teams by challenging players to build a team around 2 often...
  10. ReuzeSmurf

    Ladder ORAS Monotype Discussion

    Thanks for posting these stats, Scpinion. I can already see some interesting things. Water and Normal have a relatively high usage, in contrast to what the Weighted Stats on the site may make you believe while Ground seems to really have fallen in usage after the Smooth Rock ban (or wasn't it...
  11. ReuzeSmurf

    Ladder ORAS Monotype Discussion

    A good place to start may be to disqualify voters who have gotten their COIL reqs utilizing whatever is suspected at that moment (in this case Mega-Altaria). This essentially gets rid of all the voters that like to spam whatever is suspected and want to be able to do that in the future. Some...
  12. ReuzeSmurf

    Ladder ORAS Monotype Discussion

    Saying Bug does not need a nerf because the top types in the meta can deal with it should not be the focus. The top types were also able to deal with Mega-Metagross, but it got banned mainly because lower tiered types (mostly Ice, Fairy and Rock) got stomped by it. If you want to convince that...
  13. ReuzeSmurf

    Ladder ORAS Monotype Discussion

    Good job for setting up the council! I hope this will make things go alot more smoothly. For now I want to talk about Gravity Landorus and Sand Rush Excadrill, as I think it's completely broken. How does it work: Landorus uses the many switches it's able to cause because of it's powerful moves...
  14. ReuzeSmurf

    Monotype Viability Rankings

    I'm gonna agree with you on Infernape not moving to S rank. As you said it isn't really Metagame defining. On Rotom-Heat however I don't really understand why you think it shouldn't be A rank. A Rank: Reserved for Pokemon that have S rank qualities, but need support (which can be easily given)...
  15. ReuzeSmurf

    Monotype Viability Rankings

    Nominating Rotom-Heat from B to A rank on Fire. It has an amazingly useful ability in Levitate. Its electric typing gives it the ability to cover Charizard-Y's electric weakness without stacking any other weaknesses (except gravity I guess). Furthermore it has a viable dual screens set (which is...
  16. ReuzeSmurf

    Ladder Monotype [Read post #393 for Tiering Updates]

    OmniaX, do you imply a ban of both Gravity and Smooth Rock or a clause that doesn't allow you to use them both on one team?
  17. ReuzeSmurf

    Monotype Viability Rankings

    Nominating Tentacruel for A rank (Poison) Tentacruel @ Black Sludge Ability: Liquid Ooze EVs: 220 HP / 252 SpD / 36 Spe Calm Nature - Scald - Acid Spray/Substitute - Toxic Spikes/Toxic/Substitute - Rapid Spin Set details: Standard special wall. Scald is for STAB and that nice 30% burn chance...
  18. ReuzeSmurf

    Monotype Viability Rankings

    Can I reserve Tentacruel and Roserade for Poison?