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  1. Snapteryx

    SS LC Mono Rock hazard stack (yes this is lc)

    Note: This team was made specifically for other LC Monotype teams. Due to the abundance of Mienfoo, Pawniard and Grookey, it's kinda impossible to reliably use this team in regular LC. Here are the monotype LC resources if you're curious. Mono rock isn't nearly as bad in LC monotype and I love...
  2. Snapteryx

    Monotype Double dance Landorus flying BO

    Double dance Lando is a really fun sweeper. Landorus is fast enough to outspeed most scarfers after a rock polish and most offensive mons and chipped walls get murdered by EdgeQuake coverage from a +2 Landorus. As someone who will never use defensive Landorus in a million years, this is my...
  3. Snapteryx

    SS OU Fire Spin Volcanion Ghost spam BO (Small team update)

    So I've been very experimental with some of my teams lately. I saw a fire spin Volcanion set online and just thought why the hell not? I'm just sharing this here because I want feedback on what needs to be changed. Team link: :ss/blacephalon: Blacephalon @...