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  1. Fawful's Not Awful

    Dragonite (Revamp) [QC 0/3]

    Thanks to a Multiscale in conjunction with a decent movepool, Dragonite secures a niche as a decent Dragon Dance Sweeper and late-game cleaner, as it can find plenty of setup opportunities to setup a Dragon Dance. It's also capable of harnessing Flynium Z in order to break past walls such as...
  2. Fawful's Not Awful

    SM OU USM KB Hyper Offense (1460+)

    Introduction: Hey Guys! Glad to see that you've found this RMT! I'd like to show you a Hyper Offense Smogon OU Team I've recently been battling with, The team revolves around Kyurem-Black assisting my 3 sweepers: Gyarados, Hawlucha and Magearna. By beating their standard counters. I'll now...