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  1. Malin

    ORAS UU np: Kaya N'gan Daya - now entirely rebuilt!

    My name is malinowski and welcome to my 2nd (serious) RMT ! This team was build in the previous meta, before all those new drops and suspects occured, so it have some flaws that I hope you guys can help me mitigate n_n I actually rebuilt the entire team lol. I spent some weeks trying to build...
  2. Malin

    ORAS UU np: Nobody Can Live Forever - A Mega-Beedrill Offense Team

    Hello you all. I'm malinowski, I lurk over UU forum and PS! for over a year or so, and I'm going to present you what I think it is my most solid team in this post-Mega Pidgeot meta :] I've already done some RMTs but frankly they were all kind of bad :P so I ask to consider this the first real...
  3. Malin

    ORAS UU The priority we all need - ft. Linda

    Ok, so I wanted to do a RMT for a while, and this team has been doing pretty well over the ladder and on room tours so I think maybe the commUUnity might help me with any further improve I can get. I’m malinowski, I’ve been hanging around UU forums and chat room for a while and I’ve been...