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  1. lightninging

    Other SM UU: Birdspam 2.0 (Peaked 48th)

    BirdSpam 2.0, which peaked at 48th on the ladder and has a 100% win rate in room tours, has served me well so far, although it does really have several weaknesses. Clearly inspired by the brilliance of xtrashine and empo, this team abuses broken ass shit to beat good and bad players alike...
  2. lightninging

    First-ever Cross Evolution Tournament [Round 2]

    Cross Evo Tournament Cross Evolution is a thrilling new(ish) metagame where... believe it or not... you cross evolutions!! For those unfamiliar with the metagame, Stage 1 and 2 Pokemon are given the option to "evolve" into Stage 2 and 3 Pokemon, respectively. All changes in stats, weight, and...