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  1. Acast

    Tournament Monotype Premier League III - Manager Signups

    For those who don't know, the Monotype Premier League is an annual team tournament very similar to the Smogon Premier League but exclusively for monotype metagames. In MPL 1 and 2, team managers were chosen from the room staff of the Monotype chat room on Pokemon Showdown, but this year we've...
  2. Acast

    Acast's banners

    I was bored earlier and I remembered someone mentioned the PU banner that gets used a lot is really outdated, so I made a bunch of banners for all of Smogon's tiers. Feel free to use any of these if you want to. Just give me credit, please. I'll also take requests, but I can't promise I'll be...
  3. Acast


    [OVERVIEW] Muk is a very viable Pokemon in the PU metagame due to its high Attack stat, good special bulk, and pure Poison typing. It's blessed with two fantastic STAB moves in Gunk Shot and Poison Jab as well as access to the elemental punches and even a priority move with Shadow Sneak. This...
  4. Acast

    ORAS PU Sleeping Beauty

    Credit to f(x) for the amazing art! Introduction Hey RMT forum. Everyone in PU has been pretty excited about the new drops for the past week or two, so I decided to focus my second RMT on the pokemon I'm most excited about: Muk. The pile of purple filth can be a very reliable wallbreaker...
  5. Acast

    ORAS PU Ox & Fox (Offense)

    Introduction First off, this is my first RMT so hello to the RMT forum. I'm relatively new to the PU metagame as I've only been playing it for a little over a month now. I'm certainly not an expert, but after building dozens of teams, playing on the ladder, and competing in a good number of...
  6. Acast

    Other Metas replay archive

    Approved by Eevee General Welcome to the replay archive for Other Metagames! Here you are able to post replays of the various OMs we have available on Pokémon Showdown! (initial idea by Lucina09) What kinds of replays should be posted here? (stolen from the NU replay archive) Battles which...