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  1. Luthier

    Proposal LC in Official Tournaments

    bd smogon tournaments, i am currently taking time from studying to bring to you a matter very important to me. i believe little cup no longer has a place as a mainstay in the tournament community. this is not meant to be an attack on the lc community; primarily, i believe other things are more...
  2. Luthier

    Metagame SCL I LC Discussion

    format shamelessly stolen from emma and inherently avarice Approved by Corporal Levi Welcome to the Smogon Champions League 1 Discussion Thread -- LC edition! This thread will be used to discuss LC in SCL I related topics, whether it’s about the players, general metagame trends, matches...
  3. Luthier

    Resource LCPL 7 - Logs and Replays

    Week One Squirtle Squad (6) vs Snivy Subterfuge (2) SM: majaspic22 vs London13 SM: Jox vs Spl4sh SM: OP vs Trace SM: Rodriblutar Hamhamhamham (Subbed in) vs Merritt SM: Dundies vs blizzardy XY: GOAO vs Alice Kazumi BW: Serene Grace vs ItzViper482 DPP: Eseque vs Raseri Pinochetian...
  4. Luthier

    Battle Spot Mega Tyranitar Bulky Offense

    Mega Tyranitar & Marowak Bulky Offense Hey guys! Basically this is my first RMT and I made the team with my tutor for BSS, cant say. I wanted to try something that’s not the commonly used in the current meta, so I tried to build a DD Mega Tyranitar team since it effectively deals with...