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  1. Wings of Night

    ORAS UU SubRoost Kyurem Balance 45-5 on suspect ladder

    Hey Guys, it's me and I'm showing you a team which I enjoy a lot to play and had decent success with. After leaving UU for a while I wanted to get into this tier again so I looked at the "good cores" thread and saw the Kyurem + Tentacruel core from BrandonBeast (so credit to him I guess) which...
  2. Wings of Night

    ORAS Ubers Mega Sableye Balance

    Hey guys, it's me. This time with a serious rmt n_n I started with Mega Sableye because I wanted to build balance and Mega Sableye is one of the best Megas in it Ho-Oh appreciates Mega Sableye's ability to bounce hazards back from stuff like Deo-A, Mega-Aero, Bronzong, Tyranitar etc and...