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  1. Donphantastic

    UU Generations! WON BY PEARL!!

    Approved by King UU and Hogg UU Generations tournament Banner by: Accelgor Introduction Welcome everyone to the UU Generations tournament! In this tournament, competitors will play in a single elimination, Best-of-3 format with a twist: while the first game will always be ORAS UU, the...
  2. Donphantastic

    ORAS UU SHOUT (U-turn and Yell) Peaked #'s 3 and 5

    Mood Music This song does a really good job of showing how this team is meant to be played. Just keep shouting until you win. Introduction Hello fellow UUers, donny P here comin atcha with a squad that has been destroying the meta since the suspect ladder went up. The original team...